Textile Industry


Our enzyme team has working for this industry for over 15 years and accumulated valuable experience of global top suppliers. The products we can supply are very stable, highly-economic and high-activity. Furthermore we know more details of products and applications. Those details are very essential for application by customers and users.
Product Name Type  Appearance Dosage Temp ︒C Application pH Range Description
Kenezym AB-3 Amylase Liquid 0.3-0.5 g/L 30-70 5-8 High activity amylase for desizing with very broad temp range. Very stable under different conditions.
Kenezym CB-40 Catalase Liquid 10-50 ppm 30-70 3-9 Super high activity catalase. Stable and compatible for most kind of situation with long shelf life.
Kenezym ACL Acid Cellulase Liquid 0.3-1 % 30-70 4.5-5.5 High activity acid cellulase product for biopolishing and laundry.
Kenezym NCL Neutral Cellulase Liquid 0.3-0.5 % 30-70 5.5-7.5 High activity neutral cellulase product for biopolishing and laundry.
Kenezym ONE Combined Liquid 0.5-1 % 30-70 5.5-7.5 One product to kill oxygen, biopolish and dye into one process economically. It will save a lot cost for mills.
Kenezym NCP Neutral Cellulase Powder 0.2-1 % 30-70 5.5-7.5 Super high activity neutral cellulase powder product for laundry with good anti-backstaining performance.
Kenegen WAB anti-backstaining agent Powder 0.1-0.3 % 30-70 4.5-7.5 High effective anti-backstaining powder agent during desizing or enzyme-washing for laundry, super good dispersing property, can bring good white-blue comparison and better abrasion performance.

Here are some questions you might meet and we can support:

Do your amylase/cellulase influence the color shade?
How long will your amylase/catalase/cellulase be stable by storage without separation?
Can your amylase/catalase/cellulase resist electrolytes/chlorine/activity-loss when formulating?
What is the practical method to check amylase/catalase/cellulase’s activity/performance?
Do you know the best temp for your amylase/catalase/cellulase?
Do you know the best pH range for your amylase/catalase/cellulase?
Why sometimes enzyme liquid looks hazy and dull? Is there any difference to clean and transparent one? What does the reason of appearance come from?
How to choose one amylase for CPB or continuous process?
What are the different test methods for activity?
What is difference between powder products and liquid products? What are the advantages respectively?

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