Textile Industry

Antistatic Agent

100% raw material level, super good cost-effective
With excellent durable anti-static properties, the treated fabric can obtain excellent moisture absorption conductivity and anti-fouling and dust-proof performance. It has excellent hydrophilicity and can be used for hydrophilic finishing of fabrics.
It is used for the finishing of fleece and fluffy fabrics, which makes the hairs smoother, more glossy, and has a soft and fluffy function.
The half-life is less than one second, which can improve the anti-pilling and pilling of the fabric by 0.5.
It can be used together with fixing agent and most silicone oils without affecting the fabric feel and style.
Compared with the quaternary ammonium antistatic agent, it will not cause the coloring, discoloration or yellowing of the fabric.
Can be used with various additives in the same bath.

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